William Joel's

Heads or Tails
You're Gone

About Author William Joel

Author William Joel is a mental health therapist. He worked with sex offenders, administered psychological testing for social security disability, and worked at a drug and alcohol rehab facility. Currently, Mr. William is a trauma therapist.

William Joel wrote his first novel in the mid-nineties. He loves the idea of providing readers with entertainment and an escape into a different realm of their imagination with his writing. He continues to enjoy reading immensely; his favorites are mystery, science fiction, and fantasy. He has published two novels through Amazon, “Codename Poltergeist: Some Call Him a Ghost” and “Heads or Tails You’re Gone.”

Heads or Tail
You're Gone

by Author William Joel

Heads or Tails You’re Gone is a psychological crime thriller depicting a serial killer who flips a coin and promises his victim that if they guess correctly, they will live. The serial killer is the step-brother of Clyde Hayden’s ex-fiancé. Clyde is the commander of the Phoenix Police Department’s homicide unit. Heads or Tails You’re Gone is unique because it depicts a serial killer’s debased psychological thinking and behavior, an in-depth description of criminal trial proceedings, and inner drama that can be part of a police force.

What The Critics Say


An Action-Packed, Fast-Paced Thriller That Held My Interest from Beginning to End. Enjoy!

As far as I know, this is the only other book this author has published. I liked the first one so much that I had to read this one.

Clyde Hayden comes from a great family. His mom and dad are still alive. The tale starts when he is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy heading a seal’s team. He loved his job, but his leaders wanted to transfer him and have him move up the ranks. He on the other hand had met the love of his life, Jessica and planned on marrying her.

Jessica had a terrible life and she was not the person Clyde thought she was. Her father married her step-mother and she had an affair with her step-brother, Matt.

When Clyde realizes the mistake, he had made with Jessica, he moved on and became a police officer in homicide where he met and married Jeannie. They had two little girls. Over the years, Jeannie’s fears of losing Clyde to his dangerous job led to her divorcing him and crushing his world.

In the meantime, Jessica married an abusive and cheating man.

Jessica’s step-brother, Matt became a vicious serial killer, the Slasher. He love to torture, rape, and murder prostitutes and others.

Clyde’s boss was the captain of his detail. He was jealous of Clyde and was doing anything in his power to ruin Clyde and have him removed from the force.

As the characters develop and the story evolves the author take the reader on a roller coaster of a ride with twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my chair until the wee hours of the morning.

Although the Slasher was an evil character and ominous antagonist keeping just out of reach of Clyde the protagonist I tolerated the bad guy, but hoped for his demise throughout the majority of the tale.


This thriller had a satisfying ending that left no strings hanging. I enjoyed it and look forward to this author’s future tales.

– Tom

Has the potential to be a riveting read.

This book has an intriguing storyline with a twist, but it needs some work to be as compelling as the best of the genre. Our main protagonist, Clyde, has a great deal going on in his life—both professional and personal—and readers are challenged to keep up.

– Colorado Avid Reader